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Jangly Rock Thing

Two Four One

Turns Into Mike

Fine Feeling

Another Rush

For The Love of Prog

Blue Skies Always


Part 2

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Jangly Rock Thing mp3
Two Four One mp3
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Fine Feeling mp3
Another Rush mp3
For The Love of Prog mp3
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Part 2 mp3


Recording Gear

Ibanez JS1000

All-round generally good guitar

Ibanez S540

Looks like a tart's handbag but plays beautifully

RME HDSPe + Multiface

Outdated but generally excellent recording interface

Focusrite Preamp

Relatively cheap and definitely cheerful digital preamplifier

Logic Audio

Uniquely incomprehensible for something called "Logic". However has great soft samplers

Guitar Rig

Frankly awesome guitar recording plugin



28-01-2012: Remix time, again

Re-recording old material can be pretty strange; the thing that wierded me out about redoing "For The Love of Prog" (groan) was that I still seem to sound the same, even with a different guitar and totally different recording gear. Of course, that's supposed to be one of the defining characteristics of a great guitarist….. guess it's more widely applicable than the bores who write for music mags would have you believe.

I'm now seriously considering making up T-shirts with the logo "Musos do it in 7/8"

08-01-2012: Remix time

"Another Rush" has had a remix - well, more of a re-record. It now contains 66.6% more free jazz solos, and 25% fewer bum notes.

27-12-2011: Update

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks; there are two new instrumentals up. "Geeboogie" is a song which is oddly reminiscent of something by the guy I most obviously rip off all of the time, but with the idea that it should be possible to play diatonically over a pretty standard blues/boogie backing. Turns out it is possible, it's just much harder than you might think. "Turns into Mike" is sort of Dave Gilmour gatecrashes one of Eric Johnson's boogie pieces. "Mike" is a modern minimalist composer who I think had difficulty with the fact that once you've spaced out to one of his sublime, moody, minor key pieces for ten minutes, any sort of transposition comes with a real jolt. So I did precisely that and then realised I'd totally nicked his guitar tone too.

08-11-2011: Update

The site's been rejigged again, so it should work better on your favourite web browsing thingy. There's also a new song! Oh, and check out some new material by my band